Linen Care Tips


Linen is a very sturdy material and compared to cotton the more you wear the better and softer it will be! So don’t be afraid if you are already living in our linen joggers!


Linen can be machine washed but we recommend that you use cold water or hand wash it if you choose. Washing linen in cold water will not only prevent it from shrinkage but also from color fading. As we always keep you and the environment in mind, we recommend you reduce the laundry time, the less you wash it the longer it will last.



When you wash your new pieces, make sure you use an eco-friendly detergent (also that is cruelty-free). Our favorites are Ecover (vegan and biodegradable) or Mrs Meyer's you can even make your own (using washing soda, bars of soap and essential oils).

Since linen dries fast (making it the best choice for travel and for wearing when it’s hot and humid) air drying is the best way, there is no need for machine drying. Just lay your linen on a towel or on a drying rack in a few hours it will be perfectly dry!


You can also iron or steam straight out of the wash or when they are dry if you don’t like wrinkles! Use the linen function on your iron or if you don’t have that set it to medium-high- heat setting. When you iron dark colored linen always iron it on the backside so you can avoid your piece to become shiny.

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