7 Practical Items That Will Enable You to Travel the World in Style

What kind of packer are you? Do you go shopping for a cute new pair of shoes and finally pack that dress you haven’t had a chance to wear yet, leaving your leggings behind? If so, you aren’t alone. What woman has chosen fashion over comfort when packing for a vacation!

What woman hasn’t also kicked herself for not trying on that ill-fitting dress or buying a pair of sandals that leave her with blisters at the end of a long day?

Don’t worry. Packing for a vacation doesn’t mean you have to stick to clothing that is all comfort and no style! You really can have the best of both worlds.

Here at Sundays, we know what it’s like to pack for a trip. We travel a lot! That means we’ve got some great recommendations on items that you absolutely have to put in your bag.

1. Linen Lounge Pants

Pants have the potential to be the most uncomfortable piece of clothing in your bag. Make sure that isn’t the case with these Linen Lounge Pants.

With a drawstring waist and breathable fabric, you will stay comfortable in them all day long. They’re great for grabbing lunch, sightseeing, and they’re so comfortable you can sleep in them, which means there’s less to pack in your bag!

2. Lola Linen Button Down Shirt

When it comes to traveling, the Lola Linen Button Down Shirt is hands-down our favorite. When traveling, clothing that serves more than one purpose is a must, and no other item in your suitcase will do more than this shirt.

With a necklace and a skirt, it can be dressed up for a nice dinner, the sleeves can be rolled down to keep you warm on the plane, and the bottom can be untied so it can be used as a swimsuit cover. You literally won’t want to take this shirt off when you’re traveling!

3. Emma Linen Shorts

If you’re going somewhere warm, shorts are a must. Unfortunately, most shorts are uncomfortable and very difficult to dress up. That’s not the case with our Emma Linen Shorts.

They are constructed out of elastic and linen, making them comfortable, roomy, and breathable. However, their tie waistband and neutral color palate mean they can easily be dressed up as well as down. Pair them with the Lola Linen Button Down Shirt or throw on a cotton tee. They’ll look great, and feel even better, either way!

4. Linen Scrunchies

You’ve got to be able to throw your hair back, but hair ties are so easy to forget, they’re easy to lose, and they can be uncomfortable when worn around the wrist. Up your hair tie game with a Linen Scrunchie.

Because they’re larger than your average hair tie, they are impossible to lose or forget, and they are comfortable and fashionable when worn around the wrist. That’s especially the case if you choose our Linen Bow Scrunchie!

5. The Short Crew Tee from Citizen Wolf

No other item in your closet, or your overnight bag, will get more mileage than a white crew tee. However, not all tees are created equal.

If you want your tee to be comfortable, fashionable, and look like new for a long time, you have to choose a tee that is made out of high-quality materials and is altered to fit your body. The Short Crew Tee from Citizen Wolf comes in regular, organic, and hemp organic cotton. It also comes with free alterations, so your tee will look just as good on the beach as it will during a night on the town.

6. Cute and Comfy Wata White Black Shoes from Veja

Wata means "cotton" in Japanese, and this sneaker style is famous around the world because it features a casual, timeless style. The Wata White Black shoes from Veja look great with everything, and because they are comfortable, you can actually wear them with everything!

 You’ll feel good about buying your sneakers from Veja too. They use eco-friendly materials, including GOTS certified cotton, and they limit the amount of chemicals and water used during production, reducing their (and your) climate impact.

7. The Catalina Deluxe Travel Bag from Lo & Sons

Don’t forget about your bag! The Catalina Deluxe bag from Lo & Sons is the perfect travel bag with its many pouches and compartments, comfort strap, and pass-through sleeve for luggage handles.

It looks great as an everyday bag too! It’s size makes it perfect for the beach or days out and about when you know you won’t have time to return to the hotel. It’s one of our favorites here at Sundays!

Did you notice that we have a variety of items on our list? That’s by design! Pack everything on this list and you’ll have the perfect capsule wardrobe to take on your next trip!

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