Talking About Sustainable Fashion With Kammi Kuskowski

When we stay at a beautiful resort we get inspired and want to incorporate those elements into our homes. We are completely obsessed with beach house vibes and the first time we discovered Kammi's page we got hooked immediately with her eco-friendly home that's decorated with rattan, wicker and natural materials and designs. Recently she made a connection to build a sustainable wardrobe and she is sharing her tips so you can build your own ethical wardrobe too. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I’m a life and style blogger born and raised in the Midwest! (Ohio to be exact) I am such a beach girl at heart though, anywhere near the sand and ocean I am the happiest. I also fully support ethically and sustainably-made products and I'm all about living a more conscious lifestyle.”



What’s your fashion style?

“I would say my style is definitely that 'beachy girl' laid back vibe. I love minimal and effortless pieces. I just want to be able to throw a couple of simple pieces together quickly, there's nothing worse than wasting time debating on what to wear for the day! I'm ALL about comfort when it comes to my clothing, I also keep my wardrobe very neutral toned! Then I usually accessorize with a good wide brim hat and a couple pieces of jewelry :). “



When did you transition to a sustainable lifestyle?

“I am a newbie, I just made the transition at the beginning of this year. I could not tell you how happy I am that I did, it made such a difference not only in the clothing aspect part of my life.

It makes you stop and ask yourself :

  • 'what is the real reason you want to purchase this?'
  • 'do you need this item or do you already have something similar?'
  • 'are you buying this just because you have the urge to buy something?'

It also opened my eyes to really dive in and do research on brands and their ethics and sustainability!”



What kind of fabrics do you prefer the most?

“This is a hard top fabrics would be Linen and Cotton Gauze!”



Who is your idol you follow and adore?

“Ah there are so many other lovely girls that I adore and inspire me so much on the daily, but the first person to come to mind would have to be Sarah Shabacon (also known as @bohemegoods which is a vintage shop that she owns). Her wardrobe and home could not be more perfect!“



What is your advice to those who are trying to create a minimalist wardrobe?

“First things first, sit down and go through your closet/wardrobe and re-evaluate what you have in there! 

My questions I asked myself when doing this:

  • 'When was the last time you wore this?'
  • 'Since you purchased it, how many times have you worn it?'
  • Most importantly...'How does this make you feel when wearing it, do you LOVE this piece and how you feel in it?' 

I would say I got rid of 80% of my wardrobe and oh my, it was the best feeling.

Minimizing feels so refreshing and you feel less cluttered, It sounds silly but I swear I felt such relief when I was all finished. From there I did some searching on brands I wanted to purchase from. My advice is that you really do not need a million pieces of clothing, you can rotate and switch different tops and bottoms and make so many different outfits! Accessories really help too, you just need a couple of hats to completely change the look of an outfit. I know it feels like society is telling you that you NEED that latest trend or 'Everyone else is posting in this and I want to keep up' But trust me, you don't. Once you get the right mindset, it's so easy from there."



Is there any sustainable garment that is hard to find? If so, what is it?

“I mean surprisingly I haven't had too much trouble, I just really do research to find a garment or piece that I'm looking for and usual find it! Also, Instagram is such a great community, you can reach out to others for suggestions or ideas! It seems intimidating at first but I've had nothing but success when I've reached out to others for help.”



Can you share with us the inspiration behind your interior and decorations in your home? What are your favorite brands you like to shop  for your home?



“The inspiration I would say is definitely in the direction of like 70's beach mindset, Im a lover of anything and everything rattan or wicker. My space is a mixture of the vintage beach vibe and a touch of bohemian.


Since I don't live near the ocean (YET, hopefully one day) I like to make our space feel like our own little beach bungalow! I've always loved thrifting since I was in high school. In my free time you can find me visiting local thrift and antique shops. 


I would say 70-80% of our home decor is thrifted. I've always played around with the idea of selling decor pieces that we end up not using or switch out, maybe one day soon I will for others who love my home style!”



What aspects are important to you when you buy from a sustainable brand? 

“Number one thing is Transparency!! When is comes to how their products and garments are created. I feel like so many 'fast fashion' companies are trying to jump on the band wagon and claim they are ethical and sustainable when they are advice is do your research! (Have I said that enough yet??) Of course other aspects that are important to me are natural/sustainable fabrics, that they are created with the earth in mind, and the workers are treated and paid fairly. It's always a plus when they are small brands and a lot of those are women-owned and run which I love supporting when I can! “



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