Slow Fashion - Saving the Planet

The fact that you are here is showing that you care about where your money goes and so should you!


We don’t buy into the ever changing trends of the fast fashion world. At Sundays we believe women are beautiful inside and out, and when you find your own personal style, your beauty shines through. That’s why we create capsule collections featuring timeless designs that are made to last, so you’ll treasure your garment and love wearing it for years to come. 


Each garment is mindfully designed and manufactured in New York City and  Miami. We maintain close relationships with our factory to ensure the highest levels of quality and ethical production and we operate a made-to-order model to ensure no excess textile waste or emissions occur as a result of our production.


Since we started our journey, we are committed to constantly growing and evolving so our business model is as environmental friendly as possible. We are happy to announce our newest sustainable business idea, made-to-order, that will take place in 2019. What this means to you is that once you place an order we go into production of your piece (2-4 weeks) and have your order shipped as soon as it’s ready. This made-to-order model makes our process even more sustainable and ensures that you receive a quality garment that’s been made with care.
Live Naturally



We use natural fibers in all our designs which means they’re cooling and breathable in the sun and better for your skin, as well as the planet. We’re also proud that all our packaging is 100% plastic free. Your order will be delivered in a mailing bag made from corn starch, which can be composted at home. Just put it in with food scraps and garden waste.


Fashion for the Animals 


Protecting animals and their home is the moral compass behind our work. Fashion should look good, feel good and do no harm. That’s why we’re a PETA-approved, vegan brand with a focus on sustainability in everything we do.


Our People


 Our entire collection is designed and made in New York City and Miami. We feel very honored to be part of this family-run and owned (for more than 20 years) business who produces clothing for many other designer brands including Rag & Bone, Neiman Marcus, Intermix and Saks 5th just to name a few. Manufacturing locally not only means we support other small and local business, but also we are able to lower our carbon footprint on the environment and our contribution to fossil fuels.