Ever since clothing became something other than a necessity, made to order apparel has been used by the greatest fashion houses. However, modernity and the rise of factory work gave way to fashion as we see it now – mass produced and in quantities much higher than what is actually sold. Because of this wastage, we decided to take a cue from the fashion houses of time’s past, and adopt the traditional made to order model.


I’ve spent years in retail for both big and small companies and it is very hard to know in advance what customers will love. When I was living and designing products in NY for Sundays, the factory I worked with was bigger scale and therefore I needed to give my orders in advance. After a long research process and rounds of test sample making I am proud to say that Sundays has two new team members; the team consists of Edina (me - founder and designer), Yesenia from California (sample and pattern maker) and Kefalari (seamstress) who will be sewing from her own home sewing studio. 




Made to order is a fashion business model that literally means your garment is made once an order for it has been placed. Unlike mass-produced garments that are made in high quantities and then sold, we’re focusing on reducing waste by only making the clothes once we know there is a buyer. Made to order is definitely a form of slow fashion, as work on the garment only begins after the order has been placed. So, while you may have to wait longer to receive your piece, once you do, it’s a much more significant experience.

 This model provides a wide range of benefits for both us as a brand, and for you as the customer. Some of the major benefits are:

  • We can lower our wastage by focusing on a zero-waste manufacturing method that doesn’t require us to buy materials in advance, or guess how much fabric we will need
  • We won’t have tons of inventory on hand, which allows us to constantly dream up new styles for you.! Less inventory means it eliminates the need for a giant warehouse, cutting our costs down, as well as our environmental footprint
  • We can really begin to focus on slow fashion as customers need to wait for their orders, meaning they might think twice and more consciously before placing an order in the first place
  • The exact colour, size and style of what you want can be created for you. This is a modern take on getting your clothes custom-made, so not only are you part of the design process, but it ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for!
  • This model allows us to offer pieces in a wider range of sizes, as we don’t have to pre-stock sizes that may or may not sell. With our Made to Order model, you can select the exact size you want, so you never have to feel frustrated that your size is sold out or not being carried
  • You as the customer are involved in the design process, which is a fun way to get you really excited about your order, knowing that someone is working on something exclusively for you!





Our Made to Order model is straightforward and easy to use. Here’s a breakdown of how it works, and what you can expect:

Step 1:

We will release our product range on our website, where you can browse and place your order.

Step 2:

Once we receive the order, our seamstress will start working on your order right away and you can expect your order to ship within 1-2 weeks. 

Step 3:

While we are busy stitching and sewing, we will keep you updated with videos and photos of your order in process! This lets you personally see who is making your clothes, and lets you learn more about the sewing process. We’re generally so far removed from our clothing and its production, so this gives you a first-hand look into the development of your piece. It’s an incredibly exciting experience to see something go from raw cloth to beautiful, wearable garment, and we’d love to bring you into the cutting room for a glimpse into our ethical production method.

Step 4:

Once your piece is ready, we will ship it out to you. The turnaround from the time you place your order to the time we ship it out is around 1-2 weeks, but it can be much shorter than that as well, depending on our workload.


Some things to keep in mind:


  1. Some of the linen colors will be limited edition, which is something we have no control over. There is no guarantee that one particular color will make a comeback in the next round of pre-orders, so if you see a color you love, it’s best to get it at that time.
  2. The same styles will be available in the subsequent rounds of pre-orders.
  3. Customers are required to pay for their orders in full when they place them during the pre-order stage. As the pieces are made to order, we can’t offer cancellations.
  4. Once you receive your order, if you are not happy with it, we can work out an exchange or a return. You can email us here for returns and exchanges info@sundaysdesigns.com with your order number and the reason for the exchange/return.