Women Behind Sundays


 "No one achieves anything alone" (LESLIE KNOPE). 


Edina Blank

Designer and Founder

With a background of buying, visual and window merchandising, styling, managing stores and boutiques; our founder Edina started Sundays in June 2018. While in college, she was passionate about different natural fabrics more than buying topics on which was her major. She is inspired by beach-city living in her designs and her collections are minimal and classic. They are designed to be transitioned effortlessly from day to night. 


 Kefalari K.  


Our seamstress Kefalari, from Mississippi, is an amazingly talented maker. She paints (oil, acrylic and even houses). Her craft room is a mini "Hobby-Lobby". She enjoys sewing (that she learned from her mother) and has been sewing the past over 20+ years. She is also passionate about crocheting, quilting, knitting, embroidering, weaving, painting, making jewelries, macrame, and even rugs. She also loves spending time in her green house, planting herbs and vegetables. 


Yesenia G. & Mireya V. 

Los Angeles Fashion Workshop

We are a small family owned fashion workshop in the heart of Los Angeles. This all started with my mother-in-law and her vast knowledge in the industry. At the tendered age of 14 she began helping her parents produce school uniforms in her home country of Mexico. When she turned 18 she migrated to Los Angeles in hopes of a better future. 20+ years laters she’s been doing what she loves ever since. I, a mother of three and entrepreneur decided to join her in her mission to create a company of her own. This is our American Dream.