Vegan Resort Wear

Zero Waste Linen Head Tie


As part of our sustainability, we are collecting all leftover linen materials from our factory to create these summer-essential head ties for you. Match your new Hermosa Collection pieces with our headbands. Perfect for sun-seekers, adventurers, travel enthusiastic, those who like to chill by the pool, for those messy hair days. 


Length: 38" 

Width: 3"

Handmade in Canada. 

Only 2 pieces in stock!

This garment was handcrafted with love in New York, using the highest quality linen. Linen is a fine fiber extracted from the stems of the flax plant. Flax grows naturally, requiring less water than cotton. Linen is recyclable, biodegradable, and an eco-friendly fabric. 

To care for your new linen garment, try to reduce the laundry time, the less you wash it, the longer it will last. When you wash your new piece, make sure you use cold water and biodegradable detergent, to give some extra care and love. 

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